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Renovating FAQ: 6 Common Flooring Questions

Renovating your home is exciting but can feel a little overwhelming when there are so many decisions to be made. This article focuses on some of the common flooring questions many first-time renovators are faced with.

#1. What’s TheBest Way To Style Wooden Floorboards With Wooden Furniture?

If you’re renovating your living room with a new timber floor, you might be wondering how this will look combined with a wooden dining table, bookcase or cabinet. The best way to style multiple wooden elements in your home is by considering the balance of colour, texture and finishes. Try to align the timber colours and treatments, so that they complement each other without ‘matching’. A simple way to do this is to focus on the tones of the wood. Check if your new flooring has a warm or cool undertone, and match the rest of your furniture in varied lighter and darker shades. This avoids a disconnected design, as more than a few colours can end up feeling chaotic.

#2. How Do I Choose A Carpet For Bedrooms?

When deciding on the perfect new carpet for bedrooms, consider the use of the room and what design aesthetic you are trying to achieve. If you’re trying to achieve a bright, spacious room, opt for a lighter colour. For a sense of cosiness and luxury, designers recommend dark shades in a plush or twist texture. If you’re re-carpeting a child’s room, consider bright, textured carpets that bring energy and promote creativity.

#3. How Do I Choose A Flooring Option?

This can be a tricky question to answer, as the perfect flooring will depend on who lives in the home, the design aesthetic you are trying to achieve, your budget and more. Choosing new timer for an extension can be difficult to match, but if you opt for a similarwidth and grade to the original the overall look should be fairly seamless. An acoustic engineer can recommend under-floor and lining systems that sound-proof your home. Other considerations may include the density of the floor, as well as the type and number of furnishings in the new area.

#4. What Is The Best Way To Remove Tiles?

Removing tiles to lay down a new ceramic floor is not for the faint of heart. It’s often best to hire a professional, however if budget is an issue, hard work and a jackhammer with a wide blade usually does the trick. You’ll then need to remove the glue residue by sanding it off, and thoroughly cleaning the surface.

#5. What Is The Most Durable Flooring Option?

Many renovators love the look of timber floors but are concerned about the longevity and durability of this expensive option. Unfortunately, hard-wearing timber flooring tends to be out of reach for those decorating on a budget. Renovators of busy homes with kids and petsmight find more suitable flooring options with laminate, which is a great way to get the look of timber for a fraction of the price. Consider a textured embossing that feels like timber but will last longer. Luxury vinyl plank is also a popular option, again with a realistic representation of timber and the bonus of water resistance. Luxury vinyl is a great option for flooring if you live in a coastal area such as Noosaville as it is resistant to humidity of the seaside.

#6. How Do I Choose Practical Kitchen Flooring?

There are pros and cons to both tile and timber flooring in the kitchen. Many renovators think that ceramic tiles are the most practical option for a kitchen because tiles withstand spills. However, the drawback of tiling is that it is prone to chipping or cracking if something heavy falls onto it. Tiles may not age well if the grout becomes discoloured. Timber provides another option which is equally practical. Timber flooring feels softer than tile and can be finished with a stain-resistant coating appropriate to a kitchen.

There are numerous flooring options available in the market. You should choose the flooring after weighing the pros and cons of each type for your home in Noosaville.

Information from: https://www.homestolove.com.au/our-experts-answer-7-frequently-asked-flooring-questions-15669




Disclaimer: The opinions and advice expressed on this site are for reference purpose only. The users should make all the necessary checks about their feasibility before implementing them. This site does not warrant any accuracy of information and does not make any claims in this regard.




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